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    how to turn 2 shapes into 1?

    Kar209 Level 1

      Hey there everyone ...                                                                              Level:  Newbie'ish  OS:  Win7-64bit  PS: CS6



      I would like to take 2 Rounded Rectangle shapes that I have rotated by 45 degrees and make them one shape so that the Paths of each rectangle become one.


      I've looked up Paths, Shapes and other things in the manual but I've been unable to narrow down the right keywords to find what I'm looking for.


      I have used the Pen Tool but I'm not satisfied with the outcome of the Rounded Corners. I know I can use Combine Shapes but not when I first need to Rotate the shape.


      Pretty sure I've done this before but for the life of me I cannot recall how nor can I find it in my notes.


      Here's a pic of what I want to change into one shape with one continuous path.



      Sure would appreciate your ideas and/or any links to info that could help me to accomplish this


      Thank you for your time.