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    Dean's Director Tutorials Have Moved

    Level 7
      Hi all,

      An announcement of my own for all that are interested - I've set up a
      new domain to house my Director tutorials. They are now at:

      The old site is still around but will be taken down soon. My tutorials
      have lived happily on the university site for many years. The move is
      happening for a few reasons, mainly due to the old home undergoing
      changes in style and direction, which do not correspond with what I want
      from the tutorial site. At its new URL, I hope it can expand further and
      become a valuable resource for future Director developers.

      I intend to redesign the site when I have a chance. If anyone has
      suggestions, feel free to email them to me.

      I'm posting here first as these forums have always been my favourite
      Director meeting ground. It's where I gained help and knowledge when I
      was developing my skills and where I hope to continue to contribute to
      those who need help.

      Thanks for reading. Wish you all the best with your Director endeavours.


      Director Lecturer / Consultant / Director Enthusiast
      email: d.utian@unsw.edu.au