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    The future of Fireworks

    Mike Susko

      When is Adobe officially dropping support and development for Fireworks?

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          Ste Wright

          Never hopefully, its a good UI development tool

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            Linda Nicholls Level 4

            Where did you get the idea that it was?

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              I love fireworks, but I really think that Adobe is little by little omitting it. Why?


              - Bad support community

              - Adobe never fixes bugs, even famous bugs of years ago.

              - When is the Retina display support?


              We, Fireworks users, must make some noise some way, spreading the word of Fireworks.

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                For users of this application who have invested years into using and helping Adobe make it better, and purchasing upgrades for every new version, we deserve an answer to the future of this application. I really hope Adobe does the right thing and adds proper Retina support, along with other improvements.


                There's a lot that Fireworks does really well, but there's also a lot it does that is unnecessary. I'd love if Adobe developed a brand new Fireworks Lite, that is re-build and focuses on creating UI design elements. Forget export, filters, slicing. Focus on the essentials and make them the best.

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                  ilmagodiloz86 Level 1

                  What? Forget export, filters, slicing?? What else are you using in Fw??

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                    Graugans GbR Level 1

                    Wherever I go whatever I read about FW its the same: Users love FW but are totally annoyed by the way Adobe treats the tool. Bad support, sloppy development, bugs wherever you go. This reminds me of Microsoft in the early 2000s.

                    No wonder, we, the users have the feeling Adobe actually doesnt support this product the way it should. And thats inexplicable.

                    I am totally frustrated by this issue and curse Adobe several times a day, when FW crashes again as working with large files (and I mean file tiny files compared to what is possible with PS), when the preview screen takes ages to open, saving takes ages, and the whole workflow is a workstumble.


                    Goddamit, is it this difficult to listen to all the threads in this forum?




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                      I'm totally agree.

                      I'm a FW user since Fireworks 2 (Macromedia)

                      At each release, i'm totally disappointed...

                      I HATE Adobe now ...

                      I was a good boy, i've participated, i've made some recommandations, promoting and so on ... and i still buy :/

                      Nothing change - You just have to compare CS and CS6 - what's new ???

                           - a new jquery module - pffffff

                           - a new library - pffffff

                           - etc

                      We are designer we are able to do our own library and our community is big enough to find everything we need.


                      We need more ...