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    Flickering video

    Paolo Panetta

      hi, i've just purchased Adobe Premiere 10 and just trying to find my way and have an issue. I'm running the WIndows 7 64 bit version, my PC has 4 gig memory with an I7 processor. I was trying some initial test footage and once imported into Adobe Premiere i added an effect and then viewed it in the preview window in the top left of the screen and the video flickers all the way through. my initial thought was maybe i didn't save it under the correct project setting because i didn't see an option for 720p at 30 FPS. So instead i started a new project and this time didn't import any footage and just used a pre-set title sequence and when i ran this in the preview window it also flickered. Sorry is this is a dumb question, I have checked under the knowledge base and my initial conclusion was it was the mis-match in the video footage and what i selected in project settings but as i said when i tried it with no video footage and just a title sequence the isue was still there. thanks Paolo

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          nealeh Level 5

          Burn it to a re-writeable disk and play it on a regular TV with a DVD player. If this works fine then it is probably a video driver issue with your PC. Go to the graphics card manufacturers web site and download the most recent version for your PC. Do NOT trust Microsoft update for this. Also install the most recent version of QuickTime for your system (32 or 64 bit as appropriate).


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            Paolo Panetta Level 1

            thanks i'll give this a try and see how we go

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              Paolo Panetta Level 1

              okay well i downloaded quick time and went back in and put an effect on a clip and then instead of burning to disc, just saved to my desktop and it played ok on my pc. so that would eliminate the driver issue and quick time hasn't made any differance. problem is i need to use to preview window to check effects and transitions and see how they look and with the constract flicker it makes it pretty hard to say the least.

              any other ideas Neale? or anyone experienced this before?

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                What model of camcorder is your video coming from and what format and resolution is it?


                Does your video flicker if you play it in VLC Media Player?


                There's no point in trying to "correct" this flicker until you confirm that it actually exists!

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  A couple of observations and questions:


                  1. On a 64-bit OS, 4GB RAM is just enough to run the OS, with little left over for programs. Can you increase the RAM to at least 8GB, with 16GB being better?
                  2. What is the speed, in RPM, of your HDD's?
                  3. How many physical HDD's do you have on the system, what is their speed, amount of free-space, their controller type, and how do you have them allocated?
                  4. What is the make/model of your video card/chip?
                  5. What is the installed driver version and date, for the video card/chip?
                  6. Is that the latest version from nVidia, or ATI?
                  7. All of Steve's questions too.


                  Good luck,



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                    Paolo Panetta Level 1

                    Thanks for your feedback yetsreday Bill and Steve, there are lots of questions there for me to look into and answer that i'll look into later today.

                    But I tried again yesterday and i imported a gopro camera video and i can now view the clip in the preview window with no issues, i can then add an effect and then render the video and it's fine as well. The problem occurs when i try to add one of the title sequences or credit sequences and drag into the  sceneline below...then when i press render and play back, the title sequence flickers and then my actual video plays without any issue and when my video ends and the credits starts it flickers again.

                    i'm sure it's something very basic that I'm missing here.


                    Thanks very much



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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      Probably. But we can't say until you answer our questions.


                      Meantime, don't forget to render (press Enter) whenever you see red lines above your clips on your timeline. Once rendered, the red lines will turn green and your video should play more smoothly and be a better representation of your final output.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        For some tips on doing Titles in Premiere, this article might be useful: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/854924?tstart=60


                        Good luck,



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                          Paolo Panetta Level 1

                          thanks bill, thanks steve, i'll check this out tomorrow...ta paolo