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    Wrong timecode on WEBDVD's


      Hi everyone,


      I'm regularly doing webdvd's, and i noticed some wrong timecode format on the final product, as well locally when  I check the rendered file than online on the final server. i tried to read it with IE, FF & Chrome, all shows the same thing. I render in SD Pal.

      Any idea where it could come from ?

      I'm using PrE 9, could it be that it has been solved since in the new version?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Wow, I have never encountered, nor can I recall reading of such a display issue. I have always had the normal SMPT TimeCode, that only differs with the : vs ; delineator character for PAL or NTSC. What you show is very odd, indeed.


          Does this TC display ONLY happen with the output files? Do you see normal TC in PrE?


          Wish that I had some ideas for you, but am baffled, and just clutching at straws here.


          Good luck,



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            Rocool82 Level 1

            I'm not sure actually, I e-encoded everything this evening, and now it turns out fine.

            It does not help since I changed too many parameters at once (restarted the PC & the software, saved the new video in another place, changed the timing of the points of menu, and most of all I did this without my 14 months old kid in the legs ^.^). At least it works now but then I guess i'll have to find the real problem on my own.

            I think i can pretty much remove the hardware possibility though, i'm running on a I7-2600@3,40GHz, 8Go RAM & GEFORCE GT430 1Go. Not the best, but definitely enough for PrE.

            thanx anyway, if it's only a local problem it shouldn't be much