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    FM 7.2 and RH 7.01, problems: link span tags, updating fm files

      I am using FrameMaker 7.2 and Robohelp HTML 7.01 to convert framemaker books into online help. I am new to Robohelp HTML and previously (some years ago) used Robohelp for FM.

      Two major blocks I am running into:

      1. Hyperlinks are sprinkled throughout the document project I am currently working on. I've imported this book into robohelp. In the generated output (regardless of whether Webhelp or Flashhelp), where hyperlinks appear inside a paragraph, the text following the link all the way to the end of the paragraph is blue. In the source html, I can see that the closing span tag is not put at the end of the hyperlink but at the end of the paragraph. In the framemaker file, the blue character formatting is definitely applied only to the characters that define the URL link. I cannot figure out what to do in the Framemaker file to prevent this wonky treatment in the final html output and I don't want to have to fix span tags in the robohelp files every time I generate a new version of this document.

      Any ideas?

      2. When I make changes to a FrameMaker file, and I regenerate the output in Robohelp, the changes made in the FrameMaker file aren't getting into the output. How do I get the Robohelp project to pull in the updates from Framemaker? I tried to reimport the files, but I just get a double set of html files, that don't show the new updates ... the help file contains two instances of the entire document. II've seen reference to the import by reference, but I am not given this option ... I think this might only be available in the Tech suite that was just released.

      I would appreciate any help that you could give me. I've searched for a discussion on this but could find nothing. If I've missed it, please accept my appologies.

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          jvh1236 Level 1
          Item 2 (above) update: In the 2nd set of html files created (added to the first set in the help file, the changes *are* reflected. I missed that. So for item 2, I would still like to know how to get a single instance of the updated document project reflected in the generated help file.
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            JainVivek Level 1

            Welcome to RoboHelp user forum.

            For point 1, how are you generating hyperlinks in RH from import? You may need to import settings.
            You are right on point 2, the changes in FM will get updated in RoboHelp if you are using Technical Communication Suite.
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              jvh1236 Level 1
              Hello JainVivek,

              on point 1: The hyperlinks exist in the framemaker document project. Text to be hyperlinked in framemaker is formatted with a character format and a marker is placed within the formatted text. The marker contains the hyperlink. When the framemaker files are imported into a robohelp project, the actual hyperlink is interpreted correctly in the output (when you click the hyperlinked text, you go to the appropriate url), however the character format which, in framemaker is restricted to the hyperlinked text 'bleeds' and all remaining text in the paragraph has the formatting applied to it (in this case, the remaining text is blue...and should not be).

              on point 2: I understand that in the communication suite the content is updated automatically, but what I need to know is how to, without the suite ... using the FM and RH versions I have, update the RH project. When I try to re-import the updated files, I just get a new copy *in addition to* the old copy. When the out put is generated I have two versions of the content from the framemaker files, from the first import and from the second.