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    PSD shadow in InDesign


      I've got a problem with photoshops shadow in InDesign. My PSD has a few layers and the last one (the lowest) is only in black with 75% opacity and with multiply in it. After placing psd file into InDesign the shadow isn't multiply with background. In created pdf I can see that background became lighter everywhere shawdow became darker.


      Is there "normal-placing" method to import multiply attribute from photoshop?



      Here you see what I mean. Left is wrong, right is goot (I placed 2 files, first without shadow, second without photo- only shadow). The right one is with second file selected as multiply in InDesign.


      When I write about shadow from PSD I don't mean the shadow effect from InDesign. That effect is generated with whole picture, not only, for example, of bottom of the picture.