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    Populating a Table

    movertom Level 1
      I developed for work a website that provided a vehicle to update two rate factors that relate to the services that we provide. These two rates are associated with a unique channel (origin and destination). Anyway, I get the job done and the person I performed the work for then says that he would rather see the information in an Excel format. In response I develop an Excel spreadsheet that accomplishes at least a portion of what I had fully taken care via Coldfusion. But the user, who is not the best at spreadsheets, found ways to corrupt the spreadsheet despite it having been a template.

      What I would like to do is to take these 840 records (which will always remain this static count) that reside in an Access database and populate a spreadsheet via Coldfusion that is 30 columns with 56 rows. I am struggling with how to accomplish this conceptually. Can someone lend an opinion or provide insight as to how I should approach this? Thanks!