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    What's the trick to working with RED 4K?

    Jim Curtis Level 3

      This is my first all 4K RED project.  I'm two days into it, and it's been extremely frustrating.


      First, I discovered that clips play best in the Timeline  in a native 4K sequence set to 1/8 or 1/16 resolution.  If I work at a lower resolution Sequence, my CPU usage increases or maxes out.  Why the scaling isn't handled by the GPU, I don't know, because Adobe claims that's a benefit of a CUDA card (which I have, and is engaged).


      Editing is extremely aggravating:


      I hit play, and it takes a second before the Sequence plays.  Other ops are instananeous, as they should be.  Playing and scrubbing the Timeline or Program are not.


      After doing an extract edit, the CTI jumps around the timeline.  I have to wait about a second after each Extract to wait for it to stop jumping.


      There is no real-time updating when scrubbing the Timeline or Program window.


      This is odd, because scrubbing the Source is Fast! Exciting!  Smooth!


      When I scrub the Program or Timeline, I see maybe one out of every thousand frames, or maybe one out of every ten-thousand.  There is no scaling, no effects; it's virtually the same unprocessed footage as the Player, yet scrubbing is severely hobbled.  I guess this is the MPE.  I make this conclusion because scrubbing a timeline in Avid and FCP is a VASTLY SUPERIOR experience, and the Source tab doesn't use MPE.


      What we  need is an off-line mode that turns off MPE.  Feature request time.


      Add these aggravations to standard Pr aggravations such as Pr not playing half the time when I hit the spacebar.  CTI jumping around on its own and not going Home when I hit the Home key, etc.


      If I'm doing something wrong, I'd appreciate the tips.  I googled for Pr RED workflow, and followed the advice I found.  It's not helping.



      MacPro3,1 - 10.7.4 (tried running in 10.8.0 also; no improvement) - 32G RAM - Quadro 4000 latest drivers - 1.5 to 2 GB/s io ATTO R680 RAID  Pr 601


      I also have a Kona LHi, but Video Playback through it is disabled, because that slows Pr down even more.

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          Jim Curtis Level 3

          This CTI jumping around is getting me down.  When I drag the CTI to a given spot and hit play, the CTI jumps elsewhere, usually about six seconds after where I put it.  I have to do this four times for it to stay where I put it.  I often have to hit the spacebar four or five times before it starts playing.


          Most other commands are instantaneous:  lift, mark, etc.  Play and Go To Next or Previous Edit need to be invoked multiple times before anything happens.


          I've deleted prefs, reinstalled the app, tried a different boot disk.  CUDA on or off.  Nothing helps. 

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            Jim Curtis Level 3

            I just took a few of my R3D clips into Avid MC 6.0.3.  The editing experience is night and day. 


            My Project is 720p in draft mode (similar to 1/2 resolution in Pr.)  MC is very responsive, even using my Kona card.  I can scrub the timeline, and there's not a lot of lag.  It's a thousand times better than in Pr.  No CTI jumping around, or waiting a second after each edit for the NLE to be responsive again.


            Now, I have to figure out how to transfer my Pr project over to Avid, because Pr sucks at this.