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    Need help


      ...after trying all the known possibilities I arrived to after effects. My knowledge is limited in this software and I need help.

      My task is to make a short(~3min.) stop motion animation(university project) from stills images.(with lots of sound ) (and I only have one day left)>my images are 1366x768 pixels and I need to mentain that size and quality

      I imported the stills and sounds in after effects and :

      1.The images have diiferent display time... I stretch them to the desired amount of time but then  i`m having hard times to allign the layers in order to generate continuous animation. Can I somehow snap one layer to another? or any other method?

      2.While testing to see if everything is working fine I tried to animate only a part of the project:

      10 stills+ sound... and BOOM...the size of my output is 700 mb..so how can I export this animation at a decent size?.The final animation is composed from about 300 stills so ..

      Any help will be so much appreciated.Thanks