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    Numbering paragraphs: erratic menu

    camilo umaña Level 1

      In paragraph styles options / Bullets and numbering / Format the menu only accepts straight number (1,2,3,4)

      With old files already fine where the roman format was used, if opened again, the roman numerals get converted to arabic ones.*


      The problem was clear trying to put a period in the field  from ^#^t to ^#.^t.


      Sent the file to another computer and no problem was reported.


      Trashed preferences and checked extensions but the error continues.


      Should made a new installation?


      Thank you.





      *Some days ago changing some sequence pages in a file with prelsm in roman numbers, something similar: the file refused to accept the section in roman and converted to arabics... Perhaps a coincidence? This only happeded with a file.