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    Footage WILL NOT play in Premiere CS5.5


      Windows 7


      Footage .MTS

      2 TB Harddrive

      16 GB RAM


      I've never encountered a problem with these specs before.


      Just recently, I opened up premiere and an old project I worked on would NOT play the footage at all. Hit the play button, nothing. Theres footage all throughout the timeline and it won't play at all.


      Now, its happening again with a brand new project.  I can drag and drop the footage into the timeline and the thumbnail in the upper left hand corner pops up but when I double click to watch it in the source monitor, no video comes up.  I've watched the RAW clips and they work just fine.  I try to watch it from the sequence and no video pops up and it won't even play.


      I've tried saving and reopening, I've tried starting over entirely, nothing has worked.  Sometimes it will even result in a crash just from dragging and dropping footage into the timeline. Can anyone tell me whats going on with my Premiere Pro CS5.5? Why has it started doing this recently? And is there a solution?





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