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    Mask Problem


      Hi there. I am working on a quick video for school, and i am running into a problem.


      I am using a tracked screen replacement, and at one point int he video the screen gets covered up by my hand. i have spent PAINSTAKINGLY long (at least compared to what i normally do) animating the mask in AE, but when i export the mask's timing is maybe 1-3 frames behind my hand, and my hand is moving fast, so that means it's around 2 inches off. this looks really bad because the replacement footage is black, and the picture i had up on the computer monitor is gray with some crosshairs (so i can track).


      I've tried exporting from both Ae and Pr, and they both end up with the same problem. when i view them in the program they look fine though.


      Please note the video attached is verry low quality because i needed it to upload quick.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Cherck your settings fro framerates everywhere - source footage, comp, output, including any settings for dealing with fields.



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            Zacthe6pack Level 1

            ok so the screen replace footage was recorded at 60 fps, and my camera is 29.97. 29.97 is the comp setting also. how can i fix this (step by step please)


            Aditional info:

            -the mask is not aplied to the screen (slender game). i duplicated the base layer and masked out the hand with an "add" mask, so the mask is actually never directly dealing with the framerate change (at least i think)

            -if you look at the video, you can tell that the mask works PERFECT when it's covering up the bullet holes, just not when it's covering the slender game.


            +++ i know how to use after effects pretty well, it's just when you start getting into things like framerates, aspect ratio's, and things like progrssive scan modes, etc. i get confuse, because i was never really educated on these subjects.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Well, if you already have the mask, I'd simply pre-compose it and use time-stretching to force conform it to 60fps in the parent comp and use it as a matte. That would be the only way to reliably preview the alignemnt and also offer a way of adding another correction by using additional masks on the pre-comped layer or patching things up with anotehr masked solid. If you get my meaning: Don't try to do things in just one comp. There's nothing wrong with nesting a mask 3 levels deep as long as it works...



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                Zacthe6pack Level 1

                Thanks man. aparently just precomposing the entire comp worked. thanks.