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    Help Required with HD Backup

    Baz R Level 3



      A Friend of mine has a PC with windows on 2x Samsung 320gb HD's in Raid 0, one of the drives started to fail, so he put in his 1tb backup drive that he made a hd image using boot it dos software. He has now purchased 2x Corsair M4 128gb SSD's and made a volume Raid 0, when trying to backup from the 1tb drive the software says that a min hd of approx 320gb is required even though the total used on windows in only approx 140gb. and the new SSD volume is approx 240gb


      The software is by terrabyte.


      also when we did a hd tach with 1x ssd and 2x ssd the performance was similar, not mutch gain. I am not familiar with SSD or HD image backups so please advise. or is there any other software recomendations.