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    Strange Problem with 3D Camera Tracker's screwed up Bullseye, Create Text or Solid and Camera


      After I create a 3D Camera Tracker Solve I get no bullseyes target, but I can see all the tracker points. When I right click to create the "Create Text and Camera" I also get nothing no Text or Text field. I've been following several tutorials to the "T" and I still get nothing. What's strange is this was working fine last month when I was using the Creative Cloud trail free for 30 days.


      On further trail and error I noticed something very, very weird. I noticed after I made the "Text and Camera" there was a  red pixel blinking within the triangulation of the 3 points. I zoomed in all the way to 1600% into the red blinking pixel and noticed it was the Text field's Cursor. When I inspect the Text layer's "Scale" it stated that the Text is already sized at 3000. WTF? Even zoomed in at 1600% it's only the size of my pinky finger nail. If I enter a ridiculous Size amount such as 1,000,000 I can finally see it on the screen and to top it off the 3D orientation is totally off from the plane chosen from the triangulation of the 3 points. The orientation is also totally wrong in a different plane then the 3 tracking points.


      Please help I can't follow any tutorials because something is terrible wrong. This is way beyond me. Everytime I watch any tutorials I'm stuck because of this. I'm going to attach some photos to better illustrate these problems.


      Ps. I also noticed when zoomed in at 1600% I could finally see the Bullseye which made me realize the connection. so again like the Text Field issue if I max out the Target size to 10000% I can finally see the bullseye target. Even sized at 10000% the target displays only at approx. 2" This is totally wierd.


      thanks for your time, betamax.