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    view based application or tab based application


      Hi Guys


      I'm pretty new to flex, and have been practicing with some tutorials such as the mobile Employee Directory.


      I am working on an application that is should have 5 tabs, but am wondering if it is really necassary for me to use the tab based application or can I also use the view based application for this?


      The Employee Directory Application that I am practicing with (http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/articles/employee-directory-android-flex.html) is also using the following code:


      change="navigator.pushView(EmployeeDetails, list.selectedItem)">


      Can I also use this with a tab based application? and what are other ways to link buttons to pages? (using states doesn't seem to work in tab based applications... or am I wrong about this).


      Thank you in advance....


      The newbie