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    Rewrap iPhone 4s .MOV video


      Is there a way to "rewrap" an iPhone 4s video (1080P, 24p, MOV) into another format like .mp4, .mp2, .mkv, .mts, etc without having to recode?


      Quicktime Pro has an Export to .mp4 option with "Pass Through" settings.  It doesn't recode but simply keeps (passes through) the same specs of the iPhone video.  I want to play my iPhone 4s videos on my Blu-ray player and Samsung tv with a USB external drive.  But none of these devices playback .mov files.


      I searched around in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and Media Encoder but all the options seem to "recode" resulting in drastically different files sizes (and time required to recode).  I thought there was option to keep original file specs and just to "rewrap" using either Premiere Pro CS6 or Media Encoder.


      Thank you.