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    Debug question

    injpix Level 3
      When debugging; how can the value of data.image be retrieved, when the debugger stops on that same line of code from a breakpoint? The debugger stops on that line and creates the callstack in the Debug panel, however where would it show the value of the property (data.image)? This is in a MXML component if that matters.

      <mx:Image width="75"
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          injpix Level 3
          bump. Still looking for an answer.
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            I would put a breakpoint in the AS3 somewhere when i know the data should change, then you could add an expression in the debugger to see the value of your image's source. If your image had an id of myImg for example, add a watch expression for myImg.source
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              SujitG Level 2
              You can do this in many ways. When the debugger stops on the line, You can right click on the "image" and select "watch image" from the options or taking your mouse pointer on to the "image" variable will display the value,. You can also find the "data" object in the variables window in the debug perspective of the Flex builder, all the properties of the "data" object can also be viewed.
              Hope this helps.
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                injpix Level 3
                Thanks to the both of you!

                I was able to view the value with the variable-window and currently that is all I need. However I will keep in mind your suggestions, once development gets more complex.