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    not working, How do I do the default PDF zoom level

      I am writing a batch PDF script. I want to set the default zoom level to 125%. I believe these are the book properties I need to use:

      • PDFZoomType
      • PDFZoomFactor


      My understanding is that I need to set ZoomType to Constants.FV_PDFZoomNone. Then,  I can set the zoom level to whatever percentage I want using the ZoomFactor property. However, no matter what number I set, the default zoom level is never set to what I want. The extendscript documentation says this about the ZoomFactor property.


      DFZoomFactor property denotes the zoom percentage of the PDF document (metric 25% to 1600%).


      My guess is I don't understand how to set the "metric of a percentage". What does that mean? How do I set this property correctly and am I using the correct property to begin with?