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    Lost the Latest Update


      I let the MacBook Pro system pref. (Flash Player automatic update) install Flash 11.4.402.265 yesterday and all was OK.  Today I have been trying to figure out why none of the online videos aren't playing.  The Flash is still showing in Installed Plug-Ins, but on the Adobe webpages that show what version and OS I have , that area is blank.  I checked it yesterday after the update and it showed the new install for example on http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html the area is just blank. Can't get any news videos to play, not even the ones I watched yesterday after the update.  Any suggestions?  Very strange, never had this happen before.

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          Sunil_Bhaskaran Adobe Employee



          As the first step, please ensure that you enabled JavaScript and Plugins. (Settings > Security in Safari.)

          If they are enabled, please go to the Internet Plug-ins folder and see if you have Flash Player plug-in.

          Please see the following post for more details: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4650606#4650606




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            (right off, yes FP Plug-In is in Finder as you stated in an earlier post and asked me to go to that post)


            When Adobe Flash was installed in System Preferences about 6 or 7 updates ago, I have just let the icon there do the automatic updates.  Just as always in the past since I have allowed this to do the automatic updates, it worked fine. I looked in Safari---Help---Installed Plug-Ins---Shockwave Flash and the newest version was there yesterday.  I was actually using the MBP at that time so I closed all programs and let it do its thing, when it was over, I restarted the MBP, and all was good to go.  I spend 4 hours last night 9/2 watching the online videos.  Yes just for kicks I would right click the video to see what version of Flash was showing up on that video. They are all showing along with Flash a new one from Kaltura's.  Just as a side not I think this might be HTML5, but I am not sure.


            Well, tonight, all of the sudden none of the videos would play or even the video player would show up.  On the websites that I watch where the video screen is, even the outline of the screens were not there.  I thought what the heck has happened.  Just last night after the update all was good.  I looked in Safari----Help----Installed Plug Ins and it was showing that the latest versionof Flash was there.


            However on the http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html and a few other Adone webpages where the OS and the Flash version show up, that area was blank, nothing, just completely clear of any kind of mark. the night before when I went to these webpages they showed my operating system and the version of Flash that I had.


            Yes awhile back there was an update that disabled Java but not JavaScript.  Both of those are checked but Java is not.


            Yes as my initial post said, the Installed Plug Ins shows that I have the latest version of Flash just as it did when the Adobe app updated it automatically.


            this is really odd because after it was updated by Adobe automatically, all of the videos I watch were using the newest version that was just updated and all night it worked OK.  Tonight when I turned on the MPB, it was all a different story.

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