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    Submitform as pdf mailto with cc and IBM Lotus inotes blank address


      I have a form with a standard button to send the entire pdf by mail. My mail client is IBM Lotus iNotes. When I include a cc variable or two address in the address field, both address and cc field is left blank in inotes when it opens. I have adobe professional 9.0 and IBM Lotus iNotes 8.5.2. This is my button javascript code on its click event:

           var address1 = "address1@caja.com;address2@caja.com" ;

           var subject1 = "My Subject";

           var body1 = "My Body";

           var cc1 = "addresscc@caja.com" ;

          event.target.submitForm({cURL:"mailto:" + address1 +"?subject=" + subject1 +"&body=" + body1 + "&cc=" + cc1 + "",cSubmitAs:"PDF",cCharset:"utf-8"});


      If I try with outlook as mail client, it works perfectly. It seems a inotes bug. Doesn't it?

      Thank you in advance.