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    Color calibration with Spyder4, LR4 and CS6


      I am going crazy here!!! 


      I purchased an expensive Samsng Syncmaster SA550 27" LED and got the new Spyder4 Pro to calibrate the monitor... so far so good...


      I calibrated the monitor with the suggested spyder settings at 6500K and 200 brightness... but at the end when the spyder indicates that the monitor's colour is only 90% of the RGB colourspace in comparison!!!


      Where I really go mad is that if I convert an image in CS6 to sRGB for the web and view it on my monitor now, it looks fine and as processed in CS6, but the moment I upload it to the web the colors are clearly of with an almost yellow color cast!!!! All my other images which I uploaded to the web before (using another samsung LCD monitor and spyder3 pro) still looks great, but my new images are $%*^ to say the least!!


        I used both an analog and a digital (hdmi) connection (and drivers) to the monitor from the computer, but no success!


        What is really bothering me is that all images, new and old, looks 100% in CS5, LR4 and if I open it with windows picture viewer. BUT... in changing the color profile in CS6 the "bad" color will show for a split second (whilst the color profile changes to sRGB) and then the image will once again look 100% in CS6... but upload it to the web.... Aghhhhhh!!!!!!


      CS6,LR4,the spyder4 pro, windows 7 x64,graphics card (Nvidia Geforce GTS 450) and monitor firmware all up to date...



      Both CS6 and LR4 on camera RAW 7.1 and I even deleted my catalog and imported all images into LR4 with color space for external editing in LR4 and CS6 on Adobe1998 (even Prophoto does not work...)



      NB: the spyder4 is brand new...


      Is the monitor, the spyder4, or me? I am really going mad this side and any help will be appreciated!