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    Reinstalling PS CS4


      I would like to uninstall PS CS4 on the same computer and keep the third party plugins in filters and goodies as well as my scanner twain without having to reinstall them.  I seem to be having a problem with PS on my desktop but not on my laptop.  Is that possible and if so how can I do it?  Thanks in advance.

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          Curt Y Level 7

          If you have your 3rd party plugins in a seperate folder you should be OK when uninstalling CS4.


          But in reality why do you want to uninstall CS4?  Ususally that is a move of last resort when other fixes fail.  An uninstall/reinstall is not a universial fix.

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            jeffgla Level 1

            PS shuts down and sometimes causes the computer to shut down.  It recently says the default contours can't be found (?).  I trash the preferences after using it so they will rebuild when opening it the next time.  That helps somewhat.  It's possible that it is a problem with the computer but it happens most of the time with PS.