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    Nvidia or ATI?




      I want to buy a workstation (specifically for after effects) along with a CS6 Production Suite .


      I'm willing to buy the best of Mac Pro with the following specifications:

      - Two 2.4GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon processors

      - 64GB (8x8GB)

      - 512GB solid-state drive (primary)

      - 2TB 7200-rpm Serial ATA 3Gb/s hard drive (additional)

      - ATI Radeon HD 5870 1GB


      I want to follow all Steve Forde instructions to optimize the workstation for the maximum performance.


      But the problem is with the graphics card!

      Steve suggested Nvidia, but the Mac pro uses ATI!


      I would change to a PC if After Effects wouldn't take the best of ATI.


      So should I go to the Mac pro? Or to a PC for the sake of graphics card?


      Thanks in advance.

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          lasvideo Level 4

          I stronbly suggest you get a PC. Call Eric at ADK and he will help you make your choice.




          I think they are updating their site so the link may not worl at the moment.

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I second the suggestion to get a PC. PC's get you a lot more computing power for your money. I have no experience with ADK, so I can't offer advice there, but I've had good success with HP and Lenovo workstations.

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              Asafina Level 1

              Thank you very much, lasvideo. =)

              I'll have to wait coz the site is still down.


              Thanks again.

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                Asafina Level 1

                Thanks a lot, Szalam.

                I have a BOXX workstation. And to be honest, I had a bad experience.

                Since you suggest a pc, my brother recommends upgrading my BOXX instead of buying a new workstation. But I'll see about that.

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                  lasvideo Level 4

                  After extensive research I recently bought a HP Z820 and a Dulce DQg2 raid array  workstation configured in a manner to bring maximum performance to CS6. Its another good choice if you know alot about computers, your edit workflow and how you want to enhance it.

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                    Navarro Parker Level 3

                    I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Mac head. But even Apple knows the Mac Pro is seriously out of date, CPU wise. Apple has publically commented that a Mac Pro update won't occur until 2013.


                    However, Mountain Lion 10.7 allows any PC graphics card to be installed into a Mac without drivers.


                    If you wanted to stick with Mac, your best bet today would to buy an iMac or MacBook Pro and use a Thunderbolt PCI expansion bay and install a better graphics card. (But the iMac is about to get updated in the next couple months, so buy only if you have to)

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                      Asafina Level 1

                      Thank you very much. I'm checking out HP workstations and will see if it's better to get from there. =)


                      Appreciate your help and advices.

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                        Asafina Level 1

                        Hi Navarro, Sorry didn't realize your comment because you and I posted at the same second.


                        I want a powerful workstation that can stay with me for many years and upgradeable. My budget for it is $12k.


                        The only thing that made me think of Mac is their operating system. But now I really don't feel like purchasing it because of the hardware, and the upgrade is hard in general or so I heard.


                        But thanks for the recommendations.

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                          lasvideo Level 4

                          Asafina, ADKs website is up and running. If you live in the US call Eric, he will give you the straight facts.  (859) 635-5762

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                            Asafina Level 1

                            Thanks for notifying me.

                            I'm not from US. So looks like I'll send him an email.

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                              Asafina Level 1

                              Hi techkid,

                              Actually I've posted this discussion after watching that video of Steve and changed my plan from mac to pc.


                              Thank you anyway

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                                federatedfilms Level 1

                                I recently bought a Mac Pro in Aug 2012 with 12 cores and 16GB RAM and took the advice of my local Apple Solutions guy that a ATI Radeon HD 5870 would be worth the extra money to speed up my work flow in CS6.


                                A month into using the machine I discover to my surprise that After Effects CS6 will not use the GPU on a ATI card, only an NVidia card! Putting to one side the appalling lack of knowledge of my Apple Solutions guy is there any news on if and when ATI GPU's will be used by a CS6 update or would I be better off taking the financial hit and buying a NVidia card to replace my ATI one as I just rendered a 6 second 3D extruded text animation 320x240 that took 6 minutes to render which only takes 7 seconds when using classic 3d renderer!


                                I think in hindsight spending more money on your GPU is better than having lots of CPUs!

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                                  lasvideo Level 4

                                  It depends what you are doing. GPU power is great in Premiere when using CUDA. CPUs are great when rendering standard AE stuff. GPUs are great when doing Ray traced extruded stuff.


                                  FYI comparing the time it takes to do a regular render in the Standard AE mode as opposed to how long extruded text takes to render in the Ray trace mode suggests to me that you night want to do some research into the difference. The millions of calculation for each ray of light is way more time intensive then the standard modes in AE.


                                  A more powerful GPU will help. But even the most powerful ones will take a lot of time on a project that is ray trace intensive.


                                  Im on a PC so I cant suggest the card I have since the selection on the Mac is severely limited.

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                                    federatedfilms Level 1

                                    Thanks Lasvideo, that's helpful feedback.


                                    Yes hard to figure out what all the right combinations should be between CPU's and GPUs as I am also editing video in Premire Pro too.


                                    Found this comparison chart on the Nvidia sight which is quite interesting - http://www.nvidia.com/object/after-effects-cs6.html

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                                      lasvideo Level 4

                                      Your welcome Federatedfilms.


                                      In my 2008 Mac Pro I have the Quadro 4000 which gives me adequate performance.


                                      Having switched recently to an HP Z820 I went with the GTX 570 which research  indicates  blows the 4000 away and at a much cheaper price. So far my Ray traced rendering has sped up dramatically.


                                      Adobe and Nvidia push the 4000 but I feel there are better faster choices, especially for the work I do which is primarily PrP and AE. Not sure whats available for the Mac these days though.