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    .MOV to .MP4




      I have a .mov file that is 1024x768

      Why can't it be rendered as a .mp4 without After Effects resizing it?


      i.e. After Effects gives the following 'Settings mismatch' warning before I render.


      "Warning: Output file will be resized from 1024 x 768 (1.00 PAR) to 720 x 576 (1.09 PAR) to meet format constraints"


      I've experimented with several After Effects settings but with no luck.  Can anyone advise?


      Thanks for your help



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Why can't it be rendered as a .mp4 without After Effects resizing it?


          It can. You just need to set proper settings in the MP4 output module itself - like upping the MPEG Level to 5.1 to remove format constraints.



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            JimTester26 Level 1

            Mylenium - Thanks for your really quick reply.


            I don't see an option to get the MPEG level up to 5.1 which is probably an oversight by me.


            In the "Output Module Settings" dialog box

            on the "Main Options" tab I select "Format" as "MPEG4"

            If I click the "Format Options..." button the Level dropdown box only goes up to Level 5.



            Any advise?


            Thanks again

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I can't help on getting After Effects to render the format you want because my machine is in the middle of a render and I can't test, but I can make a good suggestion: don't use AE to make an MPEG video. Render an intermediate file out of AE and then use the Adobe Media Encoder to do your final compression. AE can't do multipass encoding (among other things) that make MP4's better quality at smaller file sizes.

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                JimTester26 Level 1

                I made a small breakthrough. 


                I changed the format to "H.264" rather than "MPEG" and the warning message disappeared as required.


                So the question becomes:


                "Both of these formats output an .mp4 file, so why does the MPEG format not allow me to create a video at 1024x768 but the H.264 format will do this just fine?"

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                  Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

                  That's because MP4 is just file extention, referring to MPEG-4 standard. What is called MPEG4 in the Format drop-down list refers to codecs complied with MPEG-4 Part 2, whereas H.264 is a codec complied with MPEG-4 Part 10.