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    how to change right-hand layout to left-hand ?

    Thishan Dhanushka

      Recently I got an project to do a English version of a Japanese Magazine. I already got a hard copy as well as all the soft copy files. Thing is, Japanese layout is starting from right-hand and even the page numbers start from right hand. I checked in forums and every possible resource but couldn't find a way to change it to left hand (normal English layout) layout.

      And another thing i noticed it if I open the Japanese indesign file first and then open a new document, new document is also right – hand layout document. for example, I got a Japanese document from page number 4- 14 (5 on left and 4 on right, 7 on left and 6 on right so on) and if I open a new document it's also numbered as the Japanese one. But if I close the Japanese document and open a new document in first place, it's looked like normal (4 on left 5 on right, 6 on left 7 on right so on) so I guess it's have to do something about preferences.

      Any suggestions ??


      BTW, I'm using Indesign CS6 on a Mac OS X 10.7.4