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    Resolution Change


      How do I change my image ot 100 pixels per inch, using this program on IPAD?



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          greule Adobe Employee

          Hi. In the current PS Touch version there is no option where you can change the pixel/inch.


          You can workaround this with the following steps…


          For example the Retina display of the new iPad has a

          2048-by-1536-pixel resolution at 264 pixels per inch (pip).


          When you open up a default blank project in PS Touch you will notice that it has 2048x1536 as the document size.


          To make it 100 pixel per inch try to divide the width and+height of your document by 2,64.


          Hope that answers your question.




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            Thanks----I will give that a try.  Is there another Adobe product which would be better----????   I do not think any of the mega desktop applications have a version for the IPAD.....