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    Unable to snap to live with HTTP Dynamic streaming


      Hi there


      Am having an issue with Http dynamic live streaming, whereby the stream will not snap to the live point, despite calling the stop() action on the PlayTrait of the MediaElement. Instead, upon resuming playback the stream restarts from the point in the stream at which it was stopped - effectively acting as a pause of the stream, and continues to play. After checking at runtime, the Media Element does not have the DVRTrait, so I am not sure how this DVR like functionality is actually occuring?


      I have checked the manifest file (see below, with baseURl removed) and the dvrInfo parameter is not present, as is suggested in the documentation http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/osmf.adobe/index.php?title=Live_DVR_Rolling_Window_f or_HTTP_dynamic_streams


      From the documentation, the 'snap to live' functionality is meant to be as default, however this does not seem to be the case. Are there any other parameters that need to be configured, either on the FMS side, or in the code for the OSMF player in order for this to happen?


      <manifest xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/f4m/2.0">
        <media href="_1_34.f4m" bitrate="400"/>
        <media href="_2_34.f4m" bitrate="600"/>
        <media href="_3_34.f4m" bitrate="800"/>
        <media href="_4_34.f4m" bitrate="1200"/>
        <media href="_5_34.f4m" bitrate="1500"/>
        <media href="_6_34.f4m" bitrate="1800"/>
        <media href="_7_34.f4m" bitrate="2200"/>



      OSMF 2.0

      FMS 4.5

      HTTP Dynamic Live Streaming