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    Install db files to a shared directory

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      I hope I am posting to the right forum. We have a small application that alerts users in the event of an alert from our web-based system. Everything works correctly if there is only one user on one particular system because during the installation of the app it places the two critical db files in the My Documents folder of the user. However, if there's a situation where multiple users are on the same machine (like a computer lab), the app will not work (does not have permission to access that folder). What I would like to do is to have the db files be non user-specific where they would be installed in the root directory or some other common folder. This is what I have now where everything is being installed in the documents folder:






















         private var sqlConnection:SQLConnection = new SQLConnection();

         private var sqlStatement:SQLStatement = new SQLStatement();

         private var fileDB:File =   File.documentsDirectory.resolvePath("AlertKeys226.db");   //  . .documents directory

         private var query:String="CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS AlertkeysTable(alertkey VARCHAR);";


          /* SQLite file for saving preferences. */   

             private var sqlConnection2:SQLConnection = new SQLConnection();

             private var sqlStatement2:SQLStatement = new SQLStatement();        

             private var PrefDB:File = File.documentsDirectory.resolvePath("preferences226.db");

             private var PrefQuery:String="CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS PrefTable(accountID VARCHAR,GrpID VARCHAR,userID VARCHAR,subGrpID VARCHAR,key VARCHAR);";

             private var prefIns:String;

             private var prefArr:Array = new Array();

             private var queue:String = "";

             private var qFlag:Boolean=true;                                                          //if no alerts are in queue.

             private var qArr:Array = new Array();

             private var flag : int = 0;

          private var alText:String = "Alerts waiting:";

          private var indx:int;                                                                       // to take the number of messages in qArr

          private var firstPlay:Boolean = true;                                                //To play the default alert once.

          private var msgAlert : Sound = new  Sound(new URLRequest("/sounds/msgAlert.mp3"));

          private var errorAlert : Sound = new  Sound(new URLRequest("/sounds/errorAlert.mp3"));

          private var playFlag:Boolean = false;   

      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!!