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    Three monitor system?


      I'm an editor with a technical setup qustion. I work with Premiere Pro CS5 but am moving to 6 shortly. I want to install a three monitor system (program monitor, one for timeline and meters and one for bins. I have a Nvidea 2000 Quadro 2000, a Matrox RT.X2 which I just realized has a DVI port after using it for years with an NTSC monitor and an ATI Radion HD3870. I have two HP LP2465 24" HD monitors and a Dell U2312HM 23" HD monitor that I'd like to use as the program monitor. I do all corporate - no broadcast. I'd like to know the best way to set up the components that I have and and if there are any I don't need.

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          KJerryK MVP & Adobe Community Professional

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            Baz R Level 3



            The best option would be to purchase a geforce 600 series card, This giving you better performance and better potential with CS6, (this depending on your system spec)


            Other option is to use the quadro 2000 you have to run the 2x hp monitors via display port, and purchase another quadro card that uses the same driver to run the 3rd monitor. just a basic quadro would do.


            RTx.2 is a waste of time with CS6,

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              Twin Town

              Can you mix Geforce card and Quadro card? As in, keep the Quadro 2000 for its capabilities and then buy a cheap Geforce 610 card to use for the 3rd monitor?

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Probably not... as I remember (been awhile since I read and saved the links below) the only way to get Premiere to work with 2 cards is if they are in the same family, and therefore use the same device driver


                2 cards and 3 monitors http://forums.adobe.com/thread/875252

                -and http://forums.adobe.com/thread/876675

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                  Twin Town Level 1

                  Thank you, I had read those threads and understood that, but it seems like a waste of money to buy two Quadro 4000 cards just to disable the CUDA on one of them.

                  Our edit computer is a Supermicro workstation which is 4 yrs old, yet has plenty of power with dual xeon quadcore processors, so I don't want to replace it yet. I suppose that because it is a workstation, it makes sense to go with a workstation video card and not a desktop one. Correct?

                  We used to have a Matrox RTX2 to which the Sony NTSC monitor was attached, and then an ATI HD3870 to which the 2 HPs were attached. In upgrading to HD, we needed to get an HD monitor to replace the NTSC monitor. There is a DVI out on the Matrox as well, but it seems very outdated, so that's why we went with the Quadro 2000 which works better with CS6. In looking at various Nvidia cards, if I stay within the Quadro family, the cheapest one is a 400 @ $100, it's replacement is a 410 @ $140, and then the 600 which is 128bit (vs 64 bit) @ $150. (The 410 has more CUDA cores than the 600, but less bandwith since it is 64 bit.)

                  Does it matter what the specs are for the second card? Only thing I want is a third monitor. I don't want noise as we do plenty of audio recording. The MB has two PCIe2 slots for the two video cards.

                  Thanks for any help!