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    Exported .exe file size limitation?


      I tried to export my file as a .exe.  The version previous to my current one was 39mb in size.  The newest version is 41.5mb in size and it doesn't work at all.  The main page either won't load or it won't allow me to click forward if it does load.  Is this it?  Help?

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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You'll need to provide more information about your issue if you want help:

          • What version of Captivate are you now using?
          • Was this project begin in this version or upgraded from a previous version?
          • Is the EXE totally self contained or are there other files that you are attempting to call from this EXE and that functionality is not working?
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            Kapferm Level 1

            Sorry, I should have added more info.

            I am using Captivate 5.5.  I have only used this version and I have built it up from scratch in this version. 


            The last version of the working file I did exceeded 40mb in size.  I have since deleted some of the pages to put it back under 40mb and it worked again. 


            The .exe file is self-contained.  It is the only published file at this point, no links/calls etc... although eventually I will add an auto-run file but at the moment, nothing.