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    Bugs to fix


      I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature that I don't understand, but for some reason if you have a "style" selected in the paragraph style floating menu, any style, it's not particular, even [basic paragraph] will work, and then you go to save  the file as an EPUB, next, select the "advanced" tab where you can select a paragraph style for ID to split your document, that style, and whatever style that it was that you have selected, will not show up in the available list.


      I spent a half hour re-naming my style, creating a new one and checking the contents of it, spacing, colors, is there something strange in the style that causes this and then finally, I accidentally de-selected the style from the floating menu and the selection just popped up again in the advanced tab. Really? Can't be? I re-selected the style in the floating pallet, went to save as EPUB and it was absent. Opened up a half dozen files to check whether it was one lone file and it happens in them all.


      Is there some reason that happens?