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    PDF/A View Mode


      Acrobat Pro 9

      Win 7 Pro

      Domain user account

           -administrator privileges


      We deal with PDF/A mode from another part of the company, and often need to add more annotations to documents. 


      The setting View documents in PDF/A mode - Never is a perfect solution for us.

      The setting continually reverts to "only for PDF/A documents". 

      Any one know what can be done to stop it reverting? (I have tried changing it in the registery as well, it still switched itself back)


      Thanks in advance.

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          Bill@VT Level 7

          Are you saying the PDFs are in PDF/A mode. You can turn that off, which is needed if you want to add annotations. While the document is in that mode, it can not be changed. Generally this is not a viewing option, but the way the PDF was created and it would have to be changed. For conversion to PDF/A, you can use preflight. I am not sure about conversion back.

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            Evan_victruss Level 1

            The PDF's are already PDF/A..dont want to do any conversion, already know how to do that...  it's a setting in acrobat pro 9 that is switching back on me. i want it to stay at never.Capture.PNG


            BTW, Thank you for the reply

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              Bill@VT Level 7

              I would think that the never would stay checked. There are others here that deal with PDF/A files and hopefully they will drop by. I think you have given enough info for some of them to give a reasonable answer. Good luck.

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                Evan_victruss Level 1

                Update.. it seems to do the switch back when opening a PDF from outlook..


                May be at other times as well.. it happens often and i just turn it off again.. annoying..