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    Change BitmapImage source on a socket event




      I have a BitmapImage and I would like to change its source at runtime.


      <BitmapImage source="img1.png" id="img" smooth="true" smoothingQuality="high"
      transformX="102" transformY="162">
      <DropShadowFilter distance="-1" angle="45"/>

      In the script part, I change its source so it points to another image.


      img.source = "img2.png";


      If the previous assignment is inside the mouseDown handler, it works perfectly. But, if I place it in a method that is triggered when data is received through a socket, the source remains unchanged.

      What I've found out, so far, is: I've added an event listener for the type "sourceChanged" and this is actually triggered, but when I inspect the source, it points to the old image.