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    No Audio in Presenter 6


      We use Adobe Presenter 6 to publish content to SCORM which we host on an external LMS that we access through our large corporate office (which has firewalls and proxy servers).  We started encountering no audio in the progress bar when we first access the object, if we exit and return back to it, we get the audio.  This is not consistent and it does not happen all the time, even with the same computer.  We are using Adobe Presenter 6, Windows XP, MS Office 2007, and Internet Explorer 8.  Are there any settings in Adobe Presenter, in I.E. or on the web server that could be causing this issue?  We have tried adding the LMS domain to the trusted sites (to lower security to medium or low), deleted browsing history (Temp files and cookies).  We have tried on and off network with the same results.  We have tried hosting the object on a different server with the same results.  It does not appear to happen with a non company computer (personal computer).  We have our IT folks looking into this for the past several weeks but they cannot come up with a solution.  Any suggestions at this point will be welcome one!  Thanks.

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          What version of Presenter are you using 6.0, 6.1, or 6.2?

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            marc511 Level 1

            Hi Jorma, Thanks for the quick response.   We are using version 6.2.582

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              flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              Hmm, It's been a while since using Presenter 6, but I do recall that 6.2 had a ton of bug fixes. And, of course, there are no English release notes for 6.2...


              It sounds like it is something related to a configuration in the computers, but it is hard to say. Something about the way the presentation is loaded seems to be going wrong. 


              Do you get the same experience on any other web browsers? FF, Chrome?


              It may be worth downloading a trial version of Presenter 8 and publishing the same project using that and seeing if you get an improved experience. If it fixes the problem, then it may have been a known issue in Presenter 6 that was resolved in a later release.

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                marc511 Level 1

                We are beginning to think that it may be some kind of Microsoft or Flash update that is causing the issue.  Since we have hundreds of developed courses in 6, going to a newer version will not help.  We will try, but the issue is so sporadic it is crazy, I mean it does not work on the first try, then it works.   If you try it the following day, it works on first try.  We did try this in FF, but found we needed to have Adobe Shockwave player installed for it to play at all, once we did it played fine.  Thanks for your input.

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                  flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                  FF and Chrome share a different Flash Player than IE, so it does make sense that you would have to install it with a fresh install of FF. You can always call Support and see if they will even look at Presenter 6.2 stuff... maybe there is some insight or old notes on that version that they can get to. 800-945-9120

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                    I have the same issue.I produced a Scorm content with Presenter.
                    I uploaded into the LMS and there is no Audio under the slideshow.

                    I made the PPT file as autoplay(not necesserly to click because of tablet).

                    I dont know how can i overcome this.


                    THank you for your help