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    Why does InD crash when I try to launch?


      I searched for AdobeFnt*.lst files but there aren't any for me to bin. Should I redownload InD? If so, how?

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          I had an issue with inDesign crashing prior to the last update issued by Adobe. It seems to be functioning as expected now, however i also attributed the problem to an inDesign file I was trying to open, with some embedded graphics that had not been packaged (hence were flagging an 'unlinked URLs' dialog on launch).


          I found restarting, opening inDesign then opening the rogue file, and clicking to ignore the relinking of files let me open it. I then exported as an inDesign IDML file, closed and trashed the original, restarted and was able to function normally again.


          Haven't had any problems since the last update, as I say. Hope this helps.

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