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    Are ready-made borders/frame designs available in PS CS6?


      I used Photoshop Elements 4 for many years and upgraded to 10 about a year ago; I recently downloaded Photoshop CS6 for the trial period.  In my projects I regularly use the ready-made frame and border designs that are available in the “content” section of PSE.  I thought that a more extensive program like CS6 would offer a larger variety of ready-made frames, but I have been unable to find any at all.  I’ve checked the Adobe help pages, the CS6 user manual, and also googled for information; I’ve found tutorials on how to create frames but nothing about any ready-made designs.  Are they not offered as part of CS6? Thank you in advance for your help.  (PC, Win7 OS, PS CS6 vers. 13.0 x64)