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    Why does my anti-virus pick up "INSTALL_FLASHPLAYER11X32_MSSD_AU_AIH.EXE" as a severe malware threat


      [Operating system : Windows 7 64-bit]


      When windows started up it told me I could update to the latest version (11.4.402.265) regarding there was major performance improvements.
      After installation I used my computer for a while until it froze on me.
      It recommended me to do a system restore so it could start up properly, this restore deleted what stopped my computer from booting.
      After rebooting it told me I could download the same update, doing so my AVG Anti-virus popped up saying that the file that updates flash player [INSTALL_FLASHPLAYER11X32_MSSD_AU_AIH.EXE] was a severe malware threat and must be moved to the virus vault. So i did.


      Is it really a threat? And is that the file that caused my computer to freeze and unable to boot?