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    Jpg Previews/Thumbnails are washed out


      My jpg thumbnails and previews look washed out in the folders of Windows explorer, but are correct and vivid when I open them in Photoshop. This only happens with files I edit, and has started since updating to the Creative Cloud CS6. How can I get the thumbnails to match - I am concerned about client impressions when seeing them on their systems. I have checked all of the export and color settings I can think of, but can't seem to get them accurate. Any help would be appreciated!

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          Curt Y Level 7

          I do not think Win Exp is a color managed program so the will never match.  Not a color guy but are you doing the sRBG which is what I believe WE will accept.

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            CSjacksondesigns Level 1

            No, I use Adobe RGB, but I always have with previous versions of Photoshop and the thumbnails and preview windows in WE have always looked correct. Nothing else has changed with my system or monitor calibration programs.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              Have you installed a codec pack to see thumbnails in Explorer, or are you talking about JPEGs?


              All my thumbnails are color-managed in Explorer, near as I can see.  But I'm using a 3rd party codec pack to show them that does color-management.  I think there are some that don't.



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                CSjacksondesigns Level 1

                Yes, the instances of jpg in my question referred to JPEG.


                I know I shouldn't be seeing the NEF previews (unless I install a codec like you mentioned), and personally I'm not even worried about the jpg thumbnails looking faded in my file folders, but I don't know how they show up on a client system after I send them out, and I'm wondering if it is a Photoshop export problem, or a Windows viewing problem...?


                Thanks for trying to help guys!

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                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                  I suppose there's a chance you aren't saving them with color profiles...  Do they look right in Windows Photo Viewer when not in full-screen mode?  That app is color-managed.


                  Generally speaking, sharing JPEGs with other than sRGB encoding is a bit iffy because you just don't know how well color-managed your recipient's system is going to be.



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                    CSjacksondesigns Level 1

                    I do save them with Adobe RGB profile... it's just that I always have because that is what I have my workspace and camera set to (it has a lorger range of colours than sRGB). It does open up in every jpg viewing program looking the way it should.


                    I know what you mean I have to explain that to every client when I insist I proof their session in person so I can use my system as opposed to uploading a gallery they can see online. But, occassionaly (like today) I have to send some files to a client for an article and don't want to explain that they need to open it, not just look at the preview pane. I am talking about a huge, washed out difference. They look absolutely terrible in my WE thumbnails/preview and I don't know how they will appear for them. I would like to continue using Adobe RGB and am wondering what changed when I upgraded to the Creative Cloud Photoshop CS6 last month...

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                      Noel Carboni Level 8

                      It's clear that your intent is to save the images with the Adobe RGB profile, and that's perfectly reasonable (and it sounds as though you understand what that can mean to the recipients) but you should double check as changing to a new version of Photoshop will necessarily have meant that you should revisit all your settings.  Double check that when you're saving your image from Photoshop the ICC Profile box is indeed checked.


                      I don't believe the installation of Photoshop should change the way thumbnails are handled in Explorer as Adobe doesn't provide any codecs, but it might possibly have something to do with a setting in your File Handling preferences...  Try changing your File Saving options to never save Image Previews.  I've never quite figured out what that setting means in the Windows environment for most file types, but I have completely disabled it and everything works for me.  It's kind of a shot in the dark, but disabling that setting might trigger Windows Explorer to generate the thumbnails itself, and as far as I know that process IS color-managed.


                      If you'd like to post one of the images here, I can check that the image is properly tagged with the Adobe RGB profile, though you can certainly check that yourself as well.



                      It does open up in every jpg viewing program looking the way it should.


                      Oh, and just to clarify a minor point you made, not every viewing program out there is color-managed.  It is possible you may personally find those that are not doing color-management at all to seem to be functioning correctly with your Adobe RGB images because you have a monitor with a gamut similar to Adobe RGB.  The level of implementation of color-management amongst various Windows application is all over the map.  I do know that the Windows 7 Photo Viewer is color-managed as long as you run it in a Window.



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                        conroy Level 5

                        If a thumbnail's pixels have the same RGB values as the Adobe RGB (1998) image but Windows Explorer believes that that the thumbnail has sRGB profile then the thumbnail will look washed-out.


                        Something to check, not a solution...

                        Open the Adobe RGB (1998) PSD in Photoshop. Assign sRGB profile (do not convert, just assign profile). Does the result have the same appearance as the thumbnail?

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                          Noel Carboni Level 8

                          Yes, that's precisely the theory I was investigating, Conroy.  Whether somehow the profile was not being stored with the file, causing various tools to interpret the imagery per defaults (e.g,. sRGB instead of Adobe RGB).


                          Another thing that might be helpful, and would allow refinement of the theory, CSjacksondesigns, would be if you would take a screenshot showing a file open in Photoshop AND its thumbnail in Explorer (and possibly also in your viewer).  Then we wouldn't have to assume what you mean by "pale".



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                            CSjacksondesigns Level 1

                            Apologies for the delay - I assumed I would get a notification if someone replied and I haven't received anything in my inbox.


                            I did open a few different files and tried Adobe RBG, sRGB, Nikon Adobe RGB and even a few others to see if one matched, and if anything the others seem more saturated, not washed out. I also tried converting (on copies). Nothing changed the appearance of the thumbnails once it was saved, and nothing matched the thumbnail appearance when viewed in Lightroom or Photoshop using any of those colour spaces.


                            I do understand not all programs are colour managed, it just so happens that all jpg viewers I have opened it in have shown a 'true' image.. I don't know what the proper term is, just that it looks the way I intend it to look when I edit it in Photoshop.




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                              CSjacksondesigns Level 1

                              I should also note that my monitor is calibrated with Spyder Pro 4 and all images I upload to my studio print centre (Technicare, Edmonton, AB location) are printed excatly the way I intend them to appear.