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    add fabric code on flash

      Anyone one know under this url
      http://www.quickentex.com/productspecial02a.html - this is the correct sequence but no fabric code of S1380-2
      how to add one more fabric code on if you click the NEW ITEMS>RIGID>ANTIQUE, you can see S1325-2 this button,right.
      I will to add "S1380-2" On the left hand side of S1325-2.
      But it must then clickable to the right fabric of S1380-2. What I do is
      copy frame of S1325-2 and then change. But the sequence is all wrong, and i have problem of this. Please give out procedure including what layer i should create and how, what button i can create and how. How can I used the before,rinse,after, garment to view the right picture.
      I attached the source code and published html
      The ~product_info_finalpg5 is totally correct but I want to add the fabric code
      S1380-2 on it.
      The ~product_info_finalpg6 is after I tried to add the fabric code S1380-2 on it but all wrong and incorrect sequence.

      Please hints and procedure steps!

      I then can email to you about the source code as well.

      My email: garywwww3@hotmail.com