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    Sdks Migration from 4.5 to 4.8


      We wish to migrate our application from Adobe sdk 4.5a to Apache sdk 4.8.

      Currently, the double click on a line of datagrid creates a popup based on TitleWindow.

      This window contains a form corresponding to the detail of the data contained in the datagrid.


      With 4.5a, when the popup is opened, the popup takes the focus on the first field and the tabbing works fine.

      With 4.8, when the popup is opened, the popup doesn’t take the focus on the first field. The focus is taken by the background. When we force the focus on the popup, the tabbing doesn’t work.

      We change the code to disable the focus on the background’s graphical objects before the opening and to restore it after the closing.

      With the debugger of Flash builder and when I launch the swf locally (flash version and firefox 15), this solution solves the issues of the focus and tabbing.

      When we deploy the same swf  on the test server and we launch it from url (flash version and firefox 15), the issues come back.

      When we deploy a swf release mode (no debug mode)  or when we launch not important which swf on different computers or  different flash versions , the issues appear again and again.


      Thanks for your help