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    Not able to save Duotone PSD as TIFF or JPEG

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      Recently one of my photographer friend shared a scanned photograph, which was processed in photoshop and Duotone color mode was applied. So it's a PSD with Duotone color mode. Now when we go to Save as option, there is no option for saving it as TIFF or JPEG.


      It will be great if experts here can help me understanding the restriction? Is this something that Duotome details can't be handled by JEPGs and TIFF formats or something else?


      Thanks !

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Duotone needs psd, tif, psb, pdf or eps, far as I know.


          Are you aware what duotone actually means?

          That refers to actual two (three, four) color output usually for printing with spot colors.

          If you just want an RGB-image to have a sepia tone or slightly colored desaturated look duotone is really not the best way to achieve that in my opinion, but Adjustment Layers are a better approach.

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            c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

            If you don’t mind ruining the actual duotone and only maintaining the appearance you can switch the image to Image > Mode > RGB Color.

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              Thanks for the reply !


              Do you mean that we should be able to save it as Tif?


              I have basic understanding of Duotone Coor Mode and looking forward to more relevant details on this forum. Since file doesn't belong to me, so can't comment if it was right choice of having duotone or not.


              would like to know basics around the reasoning that duotone can't be saved as JPEG or TIFF

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                Gernot Hoffmann Level 3

                Photoshop Help says this and much more:


                Because duotones use different color inks to reproduce different gray levels, they are treated in Photoshop as single-channel, 8‑bit, grayscale images. In Duotone mode, you do not have direct access to the individual image channels (as in RGB, CMYK, and Lab modes). Instead, you manipulate the channels through the curves in the Duotone Options dialog box.


                Duotone is definitly not intended for arbitray color design but for

                printing with only two inks, one of them mostly Black and the other

                any Spot ink.

                'Generalized Duotone' means the same method with 2, 3 or 4 inks:

                one Grayscale  image plus 2, 3 or 4 Curves.


                I'm sure that such a structure is not possible in JPEGs and probably

                in TIFFs neither.


                Best regards --Gernot Hoffmann


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                  MikeKPhoto Level 2

                  A Duo tone can only be created from an 8-bit gtey scale image and as you have seen can only be saved in a limited number of file formats, and not a TIF as you have found out. But you can convert the Duotone to an RGB image and then you can save as a TIF, JPEG etc.


                  I used the Duotone process years ago when it was virtually impossible to get a black and white image to print on an inkjet printer without a color cast. Most prints would have either a magenta or green bias and looked aweful. I converted many of my scanned negatives to Duotone, using the default black and the PANTONE Warm Gray 8 CVC spot color. This gave a print that looked like it was printed on Agfa Record Rapid toned in Selenium. After completing the Duotone process, convert to RGB then print. Rather nice effect, but not really what a Duotone was intended for.


                  You can also try a Quadtone or more, experimenting with the colors and curves and get spilt toned effects. I know I am rambling but it brought back memories of the frustration I suffered in the early days of inkjet printing trying to get an exhibition quality black & white inkjet print. All this went away as inkjet technology got better and products like Quadtone RIP and Nik's Silver Efex became available.



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                    Just for clarification:


                    Your user ID and some of your posts in the Photoshop Elements forum suggest that you do not work in Photoshop proper but on the severely limited, emasculated Photoshop Elements.


                    My apologies if I'm jumping to an incorrect conclusion, but since few folks here are really familiar with Photoshop Elements, contributors in the Photoshop Elements forum may be better poised to enlighten you on the format choices you are presented with in Ps Elements.


                    Photoshop Elements forum

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                      I am having the same issues attempting to convert 100,000+ legacy greyscale images to black and white via photoshop. I need the final art two be two color (black and white) and I need the output to be a specific file size and dimension. Duotone seems to be the only option for getting the file size lower than where it is at 350k average for 10x7 inch images. But then i run into the issue of: i can't save a raster image other than RAW and my book printer wont recognize a raw file. Plus, raw is almost guaranteed to be a larger file.


                      Here's the bigger challenge, I have corel paint shop, and corel photo paint, if this work were for me, i'd be done already. But I have to train a non-art user of photoshop in a remote facility on how to achieve this goal using only photoshop, or potentially MS Paint. RIght now I am leaning towards Paint.


                      Any help? I need an answer in 24 hours with or without it.



                      Thank you all so much.