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    Need Flex 2.01 Development at good rates ...

      My Fellow American Programmers,

      My apologizes to hard working American Flex developers who want work ... but I've created messages on this forum looking for help on a massive project since November of 2006 and I haven't received but one or two credible offers of help, yet they didn't work out because I need on-site programmers ...

      So, now I am requesting that any off-shore Flex development teams that have counterparts here in the U.S. contact me. I need one or two developers, depending on budgetary constraints on-site in Lawndale, CA 90260.

      I need intermediate level Flex 2.01 development personnel. I can direct them as long as they are over the basics and self-starters.

      No Beginners.

      We will be moving to 3.0 and JBoss 5.0 when those releases are most stable.

      email: joet@virtuola.com

      Thank You.