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    Too much clips to handle!!!

    coredvideo Level 1


      Recently i shot a wedding with 3 camera's. Z1, 2x Panasonic Avchd entry level camcorder, and just finished capturing Z1 3 tapes about 2.5 hr. just 3 files to go,

      and when i saw the other folder of AVCHD files they are near about 950 clips... Omg i can't edit that this is not some hollywood project, this is a simple wedding video.

      In past i love to edit multicam (3/4) camera's but they are a tapes with single files and now this is mess.....


      Mostly i work with 1440x1080 for BD authoring, and that AVCHD clips are 1920x1080...this is not a issue for me here the issue is quantity of clips that i am going handle.....

      thats what iam going to do importing all clips of one camera in PR cs6 and exporting in MPEG2-1440x1080 and than edit in Z1's timline. i've done an experiment it looks awesome. and nothing to worry about scrubbing loading clips b'zoz that takes to much time to load 900 clips.


      the question is am i going to see quality loss?



      PR cs6 updated

      i7 860

      16 Gb ram

      No SSD

      1TB HDD 7200 rpmx3

      Gtx 580



      Project....HDV 1080i