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    Big DataGrid and ItemRenderers


      I've a "big problem".


      A data grid with more than 200 rows witch has a rowCount="{dataProvider.length + 1}". The rowcount is evaluated in this way to have the datagrid show all his content without scroll bars so that the only scroll bar is at window level.


      The problem is that the datagrid can't figure out witch rows are visible or not and so it instantiates the itemrenderers for all the rows (I know that generally it istantiates just the "rowcount" rows visible): this brings to an enormus amount of itemrenderes istantiated witch freeze the application and generate instability.


      Is there a way to change this beahviour ?


      Jus a note, I'm still working on Flex 3.6, but I think I would have the same problem with the newest releases.