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    InDesign quits after network connection lost error

    cmrusch Level 1

      InDesign all of a sudden is crashing with the following error:


      "The network connection was lost for the file InDesign SavedData, or the file was modified by another process"


      followed by:


      Adobe InDesign is shutting down. A serious error was detected. Please restart InDesign to recover work in any unsaved InDesign documents." (button) "Return to Finder"




      "InDesign quit unexpectedly. Click Reopen to open application again. Click Report to see more detailed information and send a report to Apple."


      Then I get the Adobe Crash Report.


      Restarting InDesign gives the same results, both opening a file and opening the application directly.


      I have trashed InDesign Preferences and tried throwing away the InDesign Recovery folder, but no change.




      -InDesign CS5, ver


      -iMac Core i7, OS 10.7.4


      -I am not in a network environment—all InDesign documents are local.


      -InDesign CS4 works okay.


      Here is the the crash report:  http://pastebin.com/1ZvvSJCa


      Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!