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    Version number and updating extension


      I wonder where to set my application version number, I have tried at the bundle manifest but if setting at extension it is not shown anywhere at the extension manager and I don't know how to get this value for an "About" window.


      Therefore I have set the bundle version to match my application number, this way at least the number is visible in the manager.


      Also if I try to install an updated version of my extension the extension manager asks me to delete previous version because it conflicts with this one, I expected that the extension manager would ask if updating; am I doing something the wrong way ?

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          Nate Beck Level 1

          Update: this post has the answer for this first part: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4687256#4687256


          The version number that shows up in Adobe Extension Manager is controlled in the .mxi file.


          <macromedia-extension name="com.zaalabs.MyExtension" requires-restart="true" version="1.2.3">


          I haven't found a way yet to pull the version number directly from the MXI file at runtime to show in an about window.  To work around this we actually populate the version number in two places using an ANT script.


          One in MyExtensionVersion.as which gets compiled in and can be looked up at runtime, and then other in the MXI file.




                    public class MyExtensionVersion


            // This will be populated from the MyExtensionVersion.as.template

                              public static const VERSION_NUMBER:String = "1.2.3";




          Then in our application we can lookup MyExtensionVersion.VERSION_NUMBER


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            Nate Beck Level 1

            Sorry for the double post.


            I forgot to answer your update question.


            You can also add the following to your mxi file.


            <update url="http://example.com/update.xml"/>


            That should point to an XML file at that url which has the folloiwing information.


            <version>1.2.3</version>  <download>http://example.com/MyExtension.zxp
            <description url="http://example.com/description.html">
            <![CDATA[Some description

            This is helpful because it allows users to update directly from Adobe Extension Manager by clicking an "Update" button.


            Also, please be aware that Adobe Extension Manager will prompt a user to update if the version number diverges at all.  For example, if my installed version is 2.0.0 but the update xml on my server says 1.0.0, Adobe Extension Manager will tell the user there is an update available, even though we think of 2.0.0 as newer than 1.0.0.

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              MSSDedalus Level 1

              Thanks, I'm a bit confused now, which file you mean with ".mxi" ?


              Regarding the post in the link you provide it should be read from the manifest.xml file, no doubt it works but may be easier for my purpose just to add a variable to control the version.

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                Nate Beck Level 1

                Ah.... sorry the MXI file is included when you create a hybrid plugin.  Looks like you just need the manifest file.

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                  MSSDedalus Level 1

                  Thanks, now I understand


                  Will try to implement this updating method, but not sure if it will be the best regarding that there is no control of users and versions because the update is processed by the extension manager directly.

                  There is no way to know if the user is elegible for an udpate of a commercial extension.