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    CQ's built-in jQuery version

    joel_triemstra Level 1

      We've got some code that was built and tested against jQuery 1.7.2. We're working with a client that has CQ 5.4 installed which comes with jQuery 1.4.4 in the foundation clientlib, which is being used for the personalization functionality of CQ. Obviously we'd rather not load 2 versions of jQuery on the page - is there a best practice around this? Do components get tested with newer versions of jQuery, such that we could safely upgrade the built-in version?



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          Sham HC Level 7

          Please do not count on this & just my experience what i have seen so far


          I don't find any major issues related to upgrade  version of JQuery as it is supposed to be backward compatible. One thing to note is to keep the $CQ for the new one.If you decide to replace the existing jQuery version test the wcm throughly.


          Alternatively you can keep both versions of jquery.  CQ uses jQuery version which is "no conflicted".  $CQ is used instead of $.

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            this would mean we would be loading two version of jquery, if we want to avoid this load, how to overrid the default jquery only for a particular site in the cq5 server instance