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    Problems with downloading Adobe Flash Player 11.4


          Here's the situation I'm having and need direct answers. Okay, here it goes...for the past 2 weeks I've been having problems with Adobe flash player 11.4. The requirements on windows is correct, so I think just the product of adobe needs to be fixed. When I went on youtube to watch music videos, I've seen an error report stating that the flash player is out-of-date an needs to be updated. So, the situation today goes like this...I went on the Adobe flash player website and clicked on the flash player. I've downloaded the new updated version and thought that fixed the problem. So, I restarted the internet explorer and the computer. Then, I went back on youtube and wanted to try again listening to music but, still the same error report says the same thing. "Flash player is outdated...click here to update" So, I've tried to reinstalled Adobe flash player 11.4 once more and still the same error and problem. Like I said....the requirements on windows 32 bit is correct so, that's not the case. I followed directions and don't know why Adobe Flash Player 11.4 is not working correctly. Can anyone please give me an direct answer to try and fixed this problem? Btw, I choose NOT to install Google chrome because, 1. I don't trust it and 2. already have a yahoo toolbar instead. I trust yahoo more. Anyways, please give me a solution (that doesn't involve downloading google chrome) and thank you for your time.