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      Has anyone had experience with this camera? Does it work well with Premier Pro cs6? Does it have a lanc connection. It looks like what I need now and the price seens right.

      Please tell me your experience with it.



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          _techkid123_ Level 3



          Ideally we should not be having any trouble with the SonyHXRMC50U.


          I was reading on the specs of the camera on the internet , its a memory based camera.


          Memory based camera ideally has a different workflowwhen we work with premiere pro


          However the camera also has good Recording Rate and a range of Video Formats.


          So it will be real good working with the footage shot by the camera.


          Enjoy Editing


          Hope it helps


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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            There is a bug with CS6 and some kinds of AVCHD media where spanned clips (takes longer than 20 minutes) will cause PP to slow down to the point of being unusable.  Adobe is aware of the issue and working on a fix, but until that fix comes your best option is to edit using other media, or stick to using an older version of PP.


            You may want to rent the camera first if you don't have an older version of PP to fall back on, just to make sure spanned clips will work right.

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              slade Level 1

              Thank you both for that information.